As part of the ongoing war against Palestinian terror, there is considerable importance to the contribution of the civilian standby squads and the protection of Jewish communities. The standby squads abet the IDF in the defense of the Israeli communities in the West Bank, the Jordan Valley, and the Gaza Strip.

On the night of November 15, 2002, IDF soldiers, border-policemen, and the members of the Kiryat-Arba standby squad, fought together in Hebron. The members of the standby squad thus fought true to their duty, reacted immediately, and paid for this with their lives.

To mark its appreciation, the IDF allowed the members of the standby squad who were killed, to be buried in military ceremonies. The IDF is currently examining the possibility of recognizing the unique circumstances of the standby squads, and what this step entails.

As no decision has been reached yet, it was decided on this specific occasion, following the fighting in Hebron on Friday night (15 Nov.), to allow the fallen victims of the Kiryat-Arba standby squad military burials.