Last night, January 20, 2003, IDF forces demolished the house of Taznim terrorist, Isa Salam Ismail Darbia, in Dura, a village west of Hebron. The demolition was part of the ongoing struggle against terrorism and its infrastructure.

Darbia was involved in the planning and execution of numerous terrorist attacks against Israeli security forces and civilians. On July 9, 2001, Darbia helped lay a roadside charge in an attack against an IDF jeep in the vicinity of Adurim, (west of Hebron) which resulted in the death of IDF officer, Lieutenant Shai Shalom Cohen. Darbia was also responsible for a bomb attack that wounded a soldier and two policemen during military exercises in Adurim on May 14, 2001.

The demolition of terrorists’ houses relays a message to suicide attackers and their supporters that those who participate in acts of terror will pay the price of their actions.

IDF forces will continue to utilize any legal means available to counter suicide attackers and all those who support, plan, and participate in acts of terror.