As part of the ongoing war against terror and its infrastructure, IDF forces demolished last night (May 1, 2003) in Beit Fourik, south east of Nablus, the houses of Mahmoud Amin Mahmoud Ulmah, and Azhar Assan Abu Hit, terrorists belonging to the Democratic Front terrorist group, who carried out the shooting attack in “Scally’s Farm,” near the Israeli community of Elon Moreh on April 29, 2003. The two terrorists were killed by residents of the area who opened fire when they attempted to enter the farm.

The demolition of terrorists’ houses sends a message to terrorists responsible for suicide bombings, and suicide terrorists that their actions have a price that will be paid by all those involved in hostile terrorist activity.

The IDF will continue to use all available legal means to strike at terrorists, their dispatchers, and all those who assist them.