"The Engineering Corps’ activity proved to be vital"

Chief Combat Engineering Officer discussed the positive influence the Engineering Corps’ operations had on stopping Carmel fires

Date: 07/12/2010, 4:32 PM     Author: Sivan Peleg

Chief Combat Engineering Officer, Brig. Gen. Sheli Moshe, summarized the operations of the Central and Northern Command’s Engineering Units in putting out the Carmel’s blazing fire, calling them “substantial and successful” on Monday (Dec. 6). In an interview with IDF (Zahal) website, Brig. Gen. Sheli said that what determined the outcome was the “mass participation of heavy equipment on the field.”

“On Thursday [Dec. 2], the Central and Northern Command’s Engineering Units went up to the Carmel mountain range with a large amount of construction and equipment and tools, to take part in the attempt to isolate points which had to be protected from the fire. Many of the tools started to be used on the field on Thursday evening with great success,” said Brig. Gen. Sheli. According to him, the firefighting forces operating on the field as well as the Jewish National Fund, “Were very appreciative of the soldiers who helped to prevent the fire from spreading.”

“This constitutes another example of the Engineering Corps’ versatility and of the achievements that can be made with its help, in coordination with the various arms and units,” Brig. Gen. Sheli concluded.