A Palestinian truck exploded in the morning hours in the Netzarim Junction in the Gaza Strip. There were no injuries from the explosion.

At 7:45, IDF soldiers at a checkpoint near to the Netzarim Junction identified a truck that was traveling towards them at a suspiciously high speed, and failed to halt at the designated spot at the roadblock, which according to procedures, was their job to prevent a terror attack against a civilian convoy that was planning to leave for the community of Netzarim. Soldiers at the checkpoint fired warning shots into the air in order to signal to the truck to stop, but it continued to travel at a high speed towards the junction and diverted towards the soldiers at the checkpoint.

The soldiers opened fire towards the truck in order to stop it, which was going to endanger their wellbeing. As a result of the shooting, the truck exploded along the fence of the checkpoint.

At the same time, shooting opened from a Palestinian post, north of the IDF checkpoint in the junction, towards the group of soldiers at the spot. IDF soldiers returned fire towards the sources of the shooting, but the Palestinian shooting did not stop. Afterwards, the IDF removed the Palestinian post.

The IDF Spokesperson claims that since the IDF received the orders to discontinue its proactive operations, the Palestinians have continued with never-ending terror and incitement, and they do not cooperate with Israeli initiatives to bring about a cease-fire.