members of the squad are:

1. Ahmed Asmail Ahmad Oyna about 22 years old, from the Gaza strip. He later moved to Kalkilia.
2. Shahir Abdalla Dib Amar about 21 years old, resident of Kalkilia.

The investigations unveiled that Shahir Amar transported a booby-trapped motorcycle from Kalkilia to Haifa on Friday 15.06.01 with the intention of detonating it in Alcohol Valley in the Kraiot, a hot spot brimming with people on Saturday nights. The awareness of one of the cops caused Amar to change his plans and place the motorcycle in Paris square in the city near a mini-market that a group of immigrants were sitting by. The explosive charges placed in the motorcycle did not explode seemingly because of a hitch in the device. The booby-trapped motorcycle was discovered and neutralized by Israeli Police the day after the event. (18.6). · After the failure in placing the explosive charge in Haifa, the squad members tried to place an explosive charge in a marketplace in Petah Tikva yet noticing the ample forces in the area they decided to postpone the terrorist attack. About ten days later the members of the squad carried out a terrorist attack near Alfey Menashe during which they threw 2 hand grenades at an Israeli vehicle. The grenade did not hit the vehicle and no damage was caused. · Ahmad Oyne confessed in his investigation, being involved in a shooting attack against Israeli highway security guards on the 28.02.01. As a result of the attack one security guard was moderately injured. The squad members said they planed other terrorist attacks involving explosive charges which they conspired to hide in seemingly innocent objects near places brimming with people in Israel. · Security forces point out that this pattern of action of the “Popular Front” that was not known in the past characterized the members of the Abu Ali Mustafa lead organization during the recent year.