The Home Front Command Pavilion

Date: 15/02/2009, 3:16 PM     Author: Rani Sneh

“The red band – may it be orange next time,” said jokingly the GOC of the Home Front Command, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, as he cut the band at the opening ceremony of the renovated Home Front Command pavilion in the Corps Pavilions Area at the IDF (Zahal) Induction Center on Thursday (Jan. 12). The ceremony was also attended by the Head Education Officer, Brig. Gen. Eli Shermeyster, Head of the Educational Faculty, Col. Golan Bar-Levi and senior commanders of the Home Front Command. After the cutting of the band, the Home Front Command’s Rabbi, Maj. Yehoshua Lavi, affixed a Mezuzah to the pavilion. Next, the senior commanders watched the movie that is shown to potential Home Front Command soldiers visiting the pavilion; the film highlights the different jobs within the Home Front Command.

The new pavilion is nothing short of beautiful. On the walls, photos that illustrate positions in the Home Front Command are displayed; the decorations include tools and objects used to complete the various tasks of the Home Front Command; the pavilion looks new and inviting. Home Front Command Adjunct Officer, Col. Doron Baron, explains that hundreds of thousands of NIS were invested in the pavilion, “We did this with the knowledge that we are investing in the young people and helping them understand that they are coming to a serious, challenging place that you can be dedicated to during regular service as well as during long years of reserve duty.” He continued, “Our goal is to incite motivation within the young people that may join the Home Front Command, bring the best of the youth to us and to teach them to realities that the Home Front Command faces,” adds Col. Baron. “That is how we will define success – by making young people want to join us because of the importance of these things.”

The Head of the Educational Faculty, Col. Golan Bar-Levi, says: “There is a very high standard here that a lot of other units will follow. A lot of corps started investing in their pavilions, but we haven’t seen anything of this standard. Everything that happens here, plus the quality of the lectures given by the commanders, inspires people.” Maj. Gen. Golan confesses: “I didn’t know that I was coming to such a historic event. I wish the Home Front Command training base (that is responsible for the pavilion) a lot of success in the preparation of this place; I hope that they will care for it, update the content from time to time, and that they will keep the education at a high standard.”

Col. Baron adds, “The change is that we established a pavilion here that communicates a truthful message to the candidates about what is being done in the Home Front Command, but the communication and means of display are tailored to the youth. We want to provide correct, real messages, but in a voice that the youth can hear, understand, and absorb. The music, the film, the slide shows – these are things that are suitable for the young people of the 2000s.”