The IDF demolished several houses belonging to terrorists and their dispatchers last night. The houses demolished belonged to terrorists from the Tanizm terror organization.

In Bethlehem the house of Ibrahim Mussa Salam Abayat was demolished. Abayat is the former head of the Fatah in Bethlehem and is one of the terrorists who took refuge in the Church of the Nativity and were deported to Cyprus during operation “Defensive Shield”. Abayat is responsible for many terror attacks in which dozens of Israeli citizens were killed and injured. Among others he was responsible for the following attacks:

-The murder of Yehuda Edri on the tunnel road (June 14 2001). -The kidnapping and murder of Avi Boaz in Beit Sahur (January 15 2002). -The shooting attack on the tunnel road (March 5 2002) in which an Israeli citizen was killed. -The car bomb attack at the Zayim roadblock near Ma’ale Adummim (February 18 2002) in which an Israeli police officer was killed. -The shooting attack near the Nokdim roadblock (February 25 2002) in which two Israeli citizens were killed and two were injured. -Abayat has also planned several suicide attacks and was involved in bomb attacks. He was also involved in planning the firing of mortar bombs in Bethlehem.

The house of Mahmud Mahmud Abed Al- Fatah Salah was demolished near El-Khader. Salah was involved in an attempted terror attack. He also transferred bombs to other terror operatives.

The house of Walid Naman Abed Sabih was demolished in El- Khader. Sabih is a Tanzim operative and was involved in bomb and shooting attacks against IDF soldiers in the roads in Bethlehem, towards the Gilo neighborhood and towards the Har Homa neighborhood. Sabih also directed several suicide attacks inside Israel.