Following the terrorist attack last night in Binyamina in which two IDF soldiers were killed and other civilians and soldiers were injured, and following blatant violations of the understandings of the Tenet Agreement in the last few days, the IDF struck four Palestinian posts in northern Samaria and the area of Tul Karem that are under Palestinian security control.Small arms fire, as well as tank shells, were fired towards the “Kaduri” blockade in the “Battalion Triangle” junction near Tul Karem. An anti-tank missile was fired towards the “Ramin” barricade.Tank shells were fired towards the “Sawitat” barricade in Tul Karem.Small arms weapons were fired towards a barricade near Kabatiya village in northern Samaria.In all cases the IDF fired from areas under full Israeli security control.

The IDF will not be able to accept the continued Palestinian violence which contrasts their acceptance of the Tenet Agreement.

The IDF will react to every Palestinian terrorist attack.