The West Bank:

Roads that have been opened to traffic:

· The Hawaii road between Anabta and Tul Karem,
· The road from Ez Zababida to Kabatiya, near Jenin,
· The road near Sanur camp, southwest of Jenin
· The road near Dotan Camp, southwest of Jenin
· The eastern road to Jenin, in the Jalama area going through Ganim and Kaddim
· The Abu Dis road that connecting between the villages north of Jenin.

· The permission of Palestinian passage in public vehicles.

· The passage of Palestinian public transport is permitted on the main road (route 60 passing from Hizma blockade until the Tapuach junction)

· The eastern road of Bethlehem was opened (road passing near Beit Sahur and Tekoa)

· The Nevi’im road, a road near the tombs of the Patriarchs, the Beit Anun junction, south of Halhul.

· The Allenby border-crossing was opened to traffic, including merchandise pass.

Blockades and Barricades:

· The change from full checking to partial checking at the Mitvachim junction.
· The removal of a blockade in Ein Bidan.

· The change from full check to partial check in the Surda, Rama, and Ein Arik junctions.

· The barricades from Wadi Nahar, Abadiah, and Beit Sahur were removed.
· The change from full check to partial check at the barricade west of Bethlehem.

· The southern entrance into Jericho was opened, the blockade towards Rimonim was opened.
· The blockade towards Vered Jericho was opened.

The pull back of tanks to rear posts:

Efraim- Tanks in Kalkiliya, Salfit, and the Antenna Hill.
Binyamin- A tank from Surdah
Etzion- Tanks near Beit Jalah, Herodion, Shdema, and the Bethlehem area.Yehudah- Tanks in Bet Hagai, Jabal Gohar, and Okfim junction.


The encirclement around Kalkiliya was removed.

In the Gaza Strip:

· The crossings of Karni and Rafah, and Nahal Oz were opened including for trade.
· The crossings of Gefen, Tupach, Narkis, Alon, Brosh, and Hela, were opened for Palestinian traffic.
· The Sufah crossing was opened for agrigates.
· Blockades were removed that were slowing down the movement of vehicles in a number of places throughout the Gaza Strip and among them the Tancher road.
· The opening of the industrial area Neveh Dekalim to Palestinian workers.
· Tanks were pulled back in the Netzarim junction, north of the Kisufim junction and near the Gush Katif junction.
· The fishing area in the strip was enlarged from 3 miles to 6 miles from the coast.