Large scale disturbances errupted this afternoon near the security fence, close to the village of Messha, on the eastern side of the fence.

An initial inquiry indicates that several rioters began cutting and climbing on to the fence with the intent of damaging it.

An IDF force that arrived on the scene attempted to stop the disturbances called to the rioters to stop their actions, and fired warning shots to distance them from the security fence. When they did not comply, IDF forces fired at the legs of a man wearing a head scarf who lead the rioters.

The above-mentioned individual is an Israeli citizen who sustained injuries to the lower torso.

A foreign national also engaged in sabotaging the fence apparently sustained leg injuries caused by shrapnel.

The two were initially taken by Palestinians to the nearby village of Bidia and were subsequently transported by an Israeli ambulance to a hospital in Israel.

IDF forces continued their efforts to disperse the disturbance, until the ruioters left the scene.

G.O.C Central Command Maj. Gen. Moshe Kaplinsky appointed a Col. to investigate the incident.