The commander of the “Idan” Formation, Brig. Gen. Yoav Galent, has decided today, following an inquiry, to suspend Lieut. (Res.) Alon Ekar from all command duties. IDF officer, Lieut. (Res.) Alon Ekar, who raised serious charges in the media against the IDF concerning the terms under which he served lately together with other reservists, was suspended today from all command duties. Following an inquiry into the series of events, it was discovered that the problems that the officer raised could be solved by correct action in the field as well as an appeal to his direct commanders. In the inquiry conducted by the formation’s commander and the Brigade commander, it was found that the officer’s behavior was unprofessional, unusual, and did not befit him as a commander. Furthermore, the officer violated serious disciplinary rules, among them photographing inside military areas without permission, bypassing authority, as well as behaving in a manner not befitting an officer and IDF commander. It must be noted that the officer does not represent the general behavior of the battalion, the brigade, the division and the IDF.