The Village Um Reichan to Get Electricity

This thanks to thorough administrative, humanitarian work by the Civil Administration following the residents’ request for help

Date: 30/01/2011, 4:44 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

The Civil Administration has been funding and heading administrative work to complete Israel Electric Company infrastructures in the Palestinian village of Um Reichan, located in the Jenin Governate, Area C, by the security fence. The electricity connection is to be completed on Sunday (Jan. 30). The village houses 500 residents.

The work was initiated by the Civil Administration following a request from village heads and undertaken as a humanitarian project for the residents. The Civil Administration is simultaneously working on a master plan that will enable organizing land, infrastructure and expansion of the village.

The Civil Administration is responsible for approving electricity to Palestinian villages having a valid master plan, after completing all the procedures and arranging all the budgets through the Palestinian Energy Office or the village residents. This time, however, the Civil Administration worked outside of normal regulation to oblige the residents’ humanitarian need.
The Civil Administration will continue to work to enable the best living standards for Judea and Samaria residents while investing resources and cooperating with all bodies functioning in the region.