The Chief of the IDF Staff, Lt. Gen. Shaul Mofaz, visited the Duvdevan unit this morning and met with its soldiers and commanders.
The Chief of Staff expressed the deep sorrow of the IDF at the loss to the families of the soldiers killed in the IDF operation earlier this week.
The Chief of Staff emphasized that the inquiries regarding the operation will be thorough and that every aspect of the planning and the event itself be thoroughly investigated.
In his talk with the soldiers, the Chief of Staff emphasized the importance of the unit’s soldiers and commanders at the forefront of Israel’s counter-terrorist effort.
The Chief of Staff disapproved of the media attack on the unit and its commanders following the severe operational error that took place.
The Chief of Staff noted that “We are not at liberty to expose the hundreds of successful secret activities that have saved, directly or indirectly, the lives of many”.
The Chief of Staff praised the courage and honesty of the soldiers and commanders as they were shown during the hearings.
“There is no way to improve and correct errors other than by examining the various steps as they were carried out honestly and thoroughly”, he said.
Two separate inquiries are taking place: the first, a primary inquiry headed by the GOC Central Command, the findings of which will be presented tomorrow (Thursday) to the Chief of Staff.
The other, a General Staff team headed by Maj. Gen. Shai Avital that will participate in the regional command inquiries and will broaden the inspection into additional aspects. Maj. Gen. Avital’s report is expected to be presented before the Chief of Staff during next week.
At the end of the visit the Chief of Staff expressed his support to the soldiers and instructed that they be returned to operational activity as soon as possible, as is appropriate to their capabilities and spirit:
“We bow our heads before the families of the soldiers who were killed and we sympathize in their pain, but we must continue to fight tirelessly against the threat of terror.
An excellent unit such is Duvdevan is the cornerstone in this operational framework, and we rely on it as no other.