IDF soldiers in regular and active reserve service will begin, tomorrow (4.2.01), the voting in the election for Prime Minister. The opening date for the ballot boxes, their location and the method of voting will be advertised throughout the IDF units.

The voting will be held with hundreds of ballot boxes opened in units and training territories throughout the country, and will be held until Tuesday 6.2.01 at 22:00. The reason being to allow all IDF soldiers to make use of their right for voting.Soldiers leaving for training or other activity will vote before beginning the activities. In some of the units, the voting will take place during the activity with mobile ballot boxes.

IDF employed citizens are entitled to a day off during Election Day. IDF employed citizens, whose job does not allow them access to the ballot boxes near their homes, and are ocated in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, are allowed to vote in military ballot boxes.