Date: 20/01/2009, 7:25 PM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

On Monday (Jan. 19), 195 trucks loaded with 4,946 tons of supplies were transferred to Gaza City through the Kerem Shalom, Karni and Nahal Oz Crossings. The transfer was facilitated by the IDF (Zahal). The supplies were donated by several international humanitarian aid organizations, by Jordan and Egypt, and by the Israeli humanitarian aid organization Latet. A direct crossing from Egypt into the Gaza Strip was opened, through which 198 tons of flour were transferred.

The Red Cross permitted the transfer of ten ambulances from the Judea and Samaria region to Gaza City, in order to expand the ambulance network in the city. An additional humanitarian aid effort was conducted by evacuating 33 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to the Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem; eight of those evacuated are cancer patients.

537,100 liters of industrial diesel fuel and 206 tons of cooking fuel were transferred to Gaza City the Nahal Oz fueling station. Since implementation of Operation Cast lead, 41,937 tons of humanitarian aid supplies have been transferred from Israel into the Gaza Strip on 1,693 trucks. In addition, 2,263,351 liters of fuel have been transferred to the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom and Nahal Oz Crossings.