Three terrorists wanted by Israeli security forces were arrested during an IDF operation in the Tel Al-Hawa neighborhood south of Gaza City last night. Two of the terrorists arrested were high-ranking operatives. They are: Hisham Miqdad and Yusuf Miqdad, an officer in the Palestinian Preventative security service, lead by Rashid Abu Shbeq.

The terrorists arrested had long specialized in the manufacturing of mortar bombs and other weapons used by terrorist organizations against Israelis civilians.

In the course of the operation, Palestinian gunmen opened fire towards IDF forces who returned fire to the source of the shooting once it had been identified. No injuries were reported to IDF forces. When the operation was completed, the IDF forces left the neighborhood of Tel Al-Hawa.

The IDF will continue in its fight against the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure in order to ensure the security of Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.