IDF soldiers neutralized this afternoon two very powerful explosive charges that were planted near the main road of the settlements of northern Gaza and were intended to explode against Israeli and military vehicles traveling in the area.

Today, at approximately 9 a.m., IDF soldiers that were on routine operational activity in the area were alerted, by the coordinator of security for the settlement of Nisanit, who had identified suspicious movements in the area. The soldiers that arrived at the area identified a very powerful explosive charge planted in the place.

An IDF force that arrived at the point in order to carry out a search of the area of the explosive charge was attacked by a Palestinian terrorist who launched towards the force a fragmentation grenade that exploded. None of the soldiers were injured. The force opened fire and killed the terrorist.

In an additional search of the area a second very powerful explosive charge was discovered. Both explosive charges were successfully neutralized by sappers. The activities of the force prevented a terrorist attack against civilians and soldiers traveling along the road.