Hundreds of Lebanese citizens assembled this afternoon (28 May) in the area of the Fatma Gate on the northern border. Several of them tried to break through the border fence into Israeli territory. An IDF force that was present called on the citizens time and time again to leave the area, which was declared a closed military zone. When they did not respond to the IDF force’s announcement, the force responded with the use of shock grenades and fire which was aimed towards the lower part of body. From the fire a Lebanese citizen was wounded an the crowd dispersed.
In another crowd formed near the village of Zarit a Lebanese citizen tried to cross the border fence. An IDF force responded with warning fire, and the Lebanese citizen was wounded by shards and left the area. The area was declared a closed military zone.
This morning (28.5.00) a number of Lebanese citizens crossed the border from Lebanon to Israel, north of the Fatma Gate, and flew their flag on an abandoned building in the area.
An IDF force that arrived at the area drove the citizens back to Lebanese territory.