Today around noon two suspicious Palestinians came out of the Church of the Nativity compound and moved in the direction of the IDF forces.

The IDF forces signalled them to stop, and when they didn’t the IDF forces initiated a suspect detention procedure in the course of which the two were fired upon. One of the Palestinians was wounded from the fire, treated on the spot by IDF forces and evacuated to hospital. The second Palestinian returned to the compound.

In addition, tonight a priest who was not feeling well left the compound. He received medical treatment from the IDF forces and was evacuated to hospital.

The IDF will continue to provide medical assistance to any injured person, as it has a number of times assisted the wounded in the compound.

Since the Palestinian terrorists have taken over the Church in Betlehem we have witnessed difficult and extreme acts on their part, including desecration of the holiness of the Church by setting fires inside the Church perimeter and ransacking Church property and funds.

The IDF repeats and underlines that it does not intend to detain all occupants of the church but only those terrorists who are responsible for many attacks and are wanted for questioning by the security forces.