Towns Surrounding Gaza Strip More Protected Against Rockets

Bamahane Magazine

The Home Front Command has been implementing a project to better protect areas surrounding the Gaza Strip threatened by rocket fire and more

Date: 12/04/2011, 2:44 PM     Author: Yarden Eliezer, Bamahane magazine

The project to protect Israeli towns around the Gaza Strip is moving forward. All relevant Israeli regions have already been approved for additional protection around private homes, not including the city of Sderot, which has suffered thousands of rocket attacks in the last ten years. “This project means a higher level of protection in every Israeli town bordering the Gaza Strip besides Sderot, where higher protection measures are still being implemented,” said Commander of the Home Front Command’s Southern District, Col. Eitan Yitzhak.

The Home Front Command explained that the project is currently in its final stages and should be completed by the end of the year. “The plan includes additional protection for each home,” said Head of the Engineering Division of the Home Front Command, Lt. Col. Tzachi Zarko. “60-70 percent of the homes which weren’t protected are today. “

Protection for the city of Sderot is more complex than that for other Israeli territories bordering the Gaza Strip because of its crowded urban landscape. Sderot, however, objected to being the last on the protection program’s list. “Outside the city everything is fine, but here nothing has changed and we are still living under a constant threat,” said the city’s Coordinator of Routine Military Security, Kobi Harosh.

Along with building house protection, the plan also includes building protected schools, this part of the process slowly accelerating. “As part of the plan, three protected schools have already been built,” said the Home Front Command. “We plan to build ten more protected schools which will start absorbing students within a year and a half.”

Despite residents’ complaints, the Home Front Command stressed that the area will be highly protected. “The level of protection in the area has improved significantly since Operation Cast Lead,” said the command. “The headlines have mentioned the threat of a second round of activity and the command is ready for the danger ahead.”