Two Israeli citizens were wounded, one severely and the other moderately, when a terrorist infiltrated into the community of Bracha in Samaria. The terrorist entered the community through the security fence.

The terrorist shot a pregnant woman and her husband while they were walking in an open field in the community, a dozen meters from the fence. As a result of the shooting, the woman was moderately wounded and her husband was severely wounded.

A soldier on vacation, who was a guest of one of the residents, heard the shooting, and returned fire towards the terrorist, injuring him. The terrorist then started running towards the fence. As he approached the fence, he was identified and killed by the Civilian Readiness Squad (a squad that is alerted whenever a community is under attack), and by the residents of the community. The wounded couple was evacuated to hospital for medical treatment. At the time of the attack, the terrorist was carrying a Kalashnikov assault rifle, two magazines, two cutters and a vest.

The quick response of the residents of the community and the Readiness Squad, and the fast arrival of IDF soldiers to the scene prevented even more tragic results and assisted in bringing an end to the incident more quickly.

It should be noted that the IDF took measures to relieve conditions for the Palestinian population today by lifting curfews in Palestinian towns, including the town of Nablus. The IDF believes that the terrorist exploited these relief measures in order to carry out the attack. In light of this most recent attack, implementation of similar measures of relief in the upcoming period will be reconsidered.