Two Israeli settlers from the Tapuach village entered the village of Jiljuliya by mistake during the evening (5 Oct.). Jiljuliya is in Area A west of the village Sanjil in the Ramallah area. Gunfire was opened toward the two, and they took cover in a house close to a mosque in the village. A Palestinian crowd surrounded the house and attempted to enter it. The two took two Palestinian hostages and contacted the IDF.

When the Palestinian Police was unable to disperse the crowd, an IDF force headed by the commander of the Nablus brigade, entered the village and rescued the two settlers unharmed. The Palestinians fired several shots at the force. There were no casualties and no damage.

Parallel to the rescue operation, IDF liaison officials made clear to the Palestinians that the goal of this operation is to rescue the two settlers, and not to “capture the village”. The IDF Spokesperson reiterates that the entry of Israeli civilians into Palestinian Authority areas is forbidden and dangerous.