Two terrorists apprehended by IDF forces

The two men were arrested by Kfir Brigade soldiers after hurling firebombs at an army post

Date: 27/01/2013, 5:03 PM     Author: Yael Livnat

Last night (Saturday, January 26) IDF (Zahal) forces from the Kfir Brigade arrested two Palestinians who had thrown firebombs at a military post. During the arrest, the forces discovered that the two men had planned a terror attack to be carried out at the Israeli community of Elon Moreh. Additionally, the soldiers discovered that the terrorists had three handheld explosives and two more firebombs in their possession, as well as a letter which revealed their intention to carry out an attack at the Israeli community of Elon Moreh.

The seized letter stated that “the al-Aqsa Brigades take full responsibility for the explosion at the Elon Moreh settlement”. The letter went on to say that if the attack failed it would be carried out again, on a larger scale “any day, any hour, any moment.”

“Yesterday evening, a squad commander guarding a pillbox near Huwara, south of Nablus, heard an explosion 300 meters away from his position and after a few seconds heard another explosion,” said Cpt. Faiz Fares, company commander in the Kfir Brigade’s Lavi Battalion whose company apprehended the terrorists. “Seconds earlier the sentries had identified two people approaching the post.” Cpt. Fares said that the force, led by squad commander Sgt. Bachur Davidov, immediately arrived at the area of the incident and the suspects attempted to escape to the north but the company commander’s forward command group cut them off from the west and detained them.

The company commander stated that the terrorists were found in possession of two knives, as well as the letter indicating their plans to carry out the attack at Elon Moreh. He further stated that that the trackers and sappers who arrived at the scene found three hand-held explosives and two firebombs in a bag and that the suspects were arrested and transferred for investigation.

“This is a relatively rare event. Our sector is always considered an operational sector, but the quantity of weapons – in addition to the letter that we found – is not normal,” Cpt. Fares explained. The company commander added that the forward company, which just a week earlier had returned to the area following a period of training, knows the sector well and was therefore not surprised by the event.

Cpt. Fares said that just several days earlier, the soldiers had practiced a scenario involving gunfire directed at the post, and thus knew how to respond properly. “Our forces must know how to protect the road in the best way possible, to walk on foot and to be vigilant and prepared for every event,” stated the company commander. “We returned here immediately after the training, which prepared us well for missions, and we are familiar, prepared, and work very professionally in all activity in the sector.”