Combat soldiers from the Golani Brigade, operating on pro-active operational activity last night between the communities of Ganim and Kadim and the “Bezeq” Camp, in the north of Samaria, which is territory that falls completely under Israeli security authority (Area C), identified five terrorists moving towards them.

In the course of the exchanges of fire that occurred at the spot, two terrorists were killed while the remaining terrorists escaped in the direction of the Palestinian city of Qabatiya, which is located in territory under control of the Palestinian Authority.

In a search that occurred following the event, they discovered the corpses of two terrorists who had with them weapons. They also found explosive charges, which were placed by the terrorists. The charges were neutralized by IDF soldiers.

The IDF Spokesperson emphasizes that the pro-active preventive operations of the IDF are essential in light of the unbridled attempts by terrorist groups to perpetrate terror attacks against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers, exemplified by the shooting attack on the Ganim bypass road, last Thursday, in which a female Israeli civilian was murdered.