A Female Swiss Observer and a Male Turkish Observer from the International TIPH force were murdered this evening. A third Turkish Observer was lightly wounded, when an armed Palestinian opened fire toward them at close range, southwest of Halhul. The wounded was evacuated to a hospital for medical treatment. This evening a vehicle of the International Observing Force was on its way from Hebron to Central Israel. Two Kilometers West of the Halhul bridge an armed Palestinian ambushed the route, approached the vehicle and opened fire, even though the passengers identified themselves as an International Observing Force and their vehicle was clearly marked as an observing vehicle. The Palestinian terrorist murdered two observers who were evacuated by the Red Crescent to Hebron, and lightly wounded another Observer, who was evacuated to a hospital in Israel for medical treatment. IDF Soldiers who were located near the area of the incident heard the shots and returned fire toward locations that are known as sources of frequent fire. The testimony of the wounded Observer revealed that the Palestinian terrorist wore a Palestinian Police Uniform and was equipped with an AK-47 Kalachnikov weapon, used to fire three magazines at close range toward the Observers, even though the force identified themselves as International Observers. Central Command personnel were in constant communication with the TIPH commanders throughout the entire incident, and assisted with the evacuation of the wounded for medical treatment in Israel. IDF expresses their sorrow and shock for the cold blooded murder of innocent people.