Repeated attacks on IDF soldiers and Israeli citizens in the West Bank and Gaza Strip continue.
The attacks are a serious violation of the agreements and the pledges of the Palestinian Authority and Palestinian security forces authorities to act assertively to put a stop to the disturbances, carried out by Palestinians and members of the Tanzim.
In the West Bank there have been several incidents of fire towards the security forces and Isreali citizens. The focal points of shootings were:
From the direction of the villages of Bituniah in the area of Ramallah and Nahnin in the area of Beit Lehem, at the Ayosh junction, in the Tunnels Barricade, Rachael’s Tomb, Joseph’s Tomb, towards the Tomb of Ruth and Yishai in Hebron, towards the Jewish settlements of Psagot and Peduel and towards an Israeli vehicle near the settlement of Shekef, west of Hebron.
An IDF soldier was lightly wounded as a result of shots fired at an IDF force near the settlement of Adam, east of Ramallah. The soldier was evacuated to receive medical treatment at a hospital.

An Israeli citizen was injured from stones thrown at her vehicle, near the town of Ariel.

In the Gaza Strip, an IDF soldier was lightly wounded from shots fired at an IDF force near the Jewish settlement of Morag. The soldier was treated at the site and evacuated to receive continued medical care at a hospital.
The shots were directed against a military convoy that was escorting a school bus, from an area under Palestinian control. The IDF force responded with light weapons fire and anti-tank missiles towards source of fire.

In contrast to publications, there has been no tank or attack helicopter fire by IDF forces in the Gaza Strip during the last hours.