Watch: How terror groups endanger Gaza’s civilians

Footage from Gaza’s terror groups show them deliberately firing rockets into Israel from positions near populated areas

Date: 19/11/2012, 10:23 AM     Author: IDF (Zahal) Website

In addition to targeting Israeli civilians, Hamas and Gaza’s other terrorist groups frequently endanger Palestinian civilians by firing rockets from densely populated areas. These groups know that the IDF (Zahal) seeks to avoid harming civilians. As such, they deliberately use Palestinian civilians as human shields, so as to protect themselves as they attack the Israeli home front. 

In some cases, the rockets these terror groups fire actually land within Gaza, further endangering the region’s civilian population. Since the beginning of Operation Pillar of Defense, at least 99 rockets fired from within the Gaza Strip have landed in Gaza.

This video, comprised entirely of segments taken from footage released by the terrorist groups, shows just how close to populated areas Hamas places its rocket launchers.