“We did what we had to do”

Itai Cohen, BaMahane

Lt. Linui Ben Shushan from the Field Intelligence Corps received the President’s Award for Excellence for her role in thwarting terrorist attacks

Date: 22/04/2010, 3:02 PM     Author: Yarden Winter

Lt. Linui Ben Shushan, Deputy Intelligence Company Commander in the northern sector of the Gaza Strip, has traded in the view of the beaches of Eilat where she lives for the fields of Gaza. When she first began her IDF (Zahal) service, she served as a lookout soldier in the Gaza area. Upon completing Officer’s Training Course she was appointed as Platoon Commander in the Field Intelligence Corps war room. The war room attained a record-breaking operational achievement in December, and Linui received a President’s Award for Excellence for her involvement in the incident. “To receive this award of excellence is quite nice, particularly because you know that your commanders recommended you and appreciate the work that you do,” she explained. “That being said, it takes a lot of time away from the new job I just started. Half the time I’m being photographed for this. I’m just not used to it.”

During the incident half a year ago, 4 Palestinian suspects were identified near the security fence. This was one of the first successes of the “See-Shoot” system, which enables soldiers to remotely close on a target and shoot terrorists after receiving the appropriate authorizations. “All in all we did what we had to do,” Lt. Ben Shushan recalls.

“After strenuous thought and coordinating approvals of the appropriate authorities, it was decided to operate the system and in the end we hit three of the terrorists, while the fourth succeeded in escaping.” Searches conducted after the incident resulted in the discovery of three explosive devices, one considered extremely powerful, which indicated that the Palestinians attempted to execute a terrorist attack and perhaps even to bury the explosives on the Israeli side of the security fence. “The main point of the job is to identify unusual and suspicious objects but not only that – we also need to characterize what we see in the field and from there to make decisions and to direct the security forces in a clear and fast manner.”