Gaza Strip

IDF soldiers neutralized on Friday afternoon two powerful explosive charges that were placed near a route of the northern Gaza settlements and were meant to hit Israeli vehicles and soldiers travelling in that area.

An IDF force that arrived at the spot in order to scan the area of the charge was attacked by a Palestinian terrorist that threw towards the force a fragmentation grenade that exploded. None of the soldiers was injured.

The force opened fire towards the terrorist and killed him.

On further searches of the area a second powerful explosive charge was found.
The bomb unit successfully neutralized the two explosive charges.During Friday a number of hand grenades thrown towards IDF posts were noted amongst them: 40 hand grenades on a IDF post on the Israel-Egypt border, two anti-tank grenades towards an IDF post near the village of Gadid in Gush Katif, and ten further grenades that were thrown during the day on an IDF post on the Israel-Egypt border.

A number of shooting incidents were noted in a number of points in the Gaza Strip, amongst them: towards an IDF post on the Israel-Egypt border and towards an IDF force in Gush Katif.


Palestinians fired a mortar bomb towards the Netzarim village in the northern Gaza Strip. There were no injuries and no damage was done. Also, two hand grenades were thrown towards an IDF post on the Israel-Egypt border and shots were fired towards an IDF post in Gush Katif. IDF soldiers returned fire when the source of the fire was identified.

West Bank

A border policeman was lightly injured in the afternoon during a Palestinian demonstration in Hebron. The policeman was treated on the spot and did not need further medical treatment. A bomb was detonated towards a military vehicle near the village of Sabastia in Samaria, and there were no injuries and no damage was done.

In the afternoon fire opened from there sources in the city of Tul Karem towards IDF and Border-patrol soldiers at the Battalion Triangle junction and at the border police base at the city outskirts.

In response the IDF force returned fire from small weapons, a tank shell and a grenade towards the Palestinian police barricade from which the fire opened.

During the exchange of fire, the IDF forces identified two ambulances of the “Red Crescent” that arrived. Two armed men exited from the ambulances and opened fire towards the IDF and border-patrol forces at the spot. At this stage no fire was returned.

During the day a number of further shooting were reported at a number of places amongst them: towards a Jewish settlement and IDF posts in Hebron, toward the Kadim village in the north of Samaria, and towards a border-patrol post near Ramallah.

In all the incidents there were no injuries and no damage was done. The IDF forces returned fire towards the source of the shootings once identified.