Gaza Strip

During the past week, a foreign worker was lightly-to-moderately wounded. Three IDF soldiers were lightly wounded.

In addition, terrorists fired four anti-tank missiles and 11 mortars, detonated six explosive devices, and hurled over 20 grenades. In addition, more than 20 incidents of gunfire towards IDF forces, IDF positions, and Israeli communities were recorded.

Detailed Description of Security Events & Activities


IDF infantry and armored units operated overnight against terrorist operatives and (terrorist) cells who planted explosive devices near the Muazi refugee camp (Central Gaza Strip)

During the operation, IDF forces identified a cell of armed terrorists, opened fire and identified two hits. In addition, a terrorist detonated an explosive device towards IDF forces. No injuries or damage were reported.

It is important to note that the above-mentioned area is used by terrorists to carry out hostile activity against the Israeli community of Kfar Darom

It should be noted that during the past week, prior to this incident, terrorists fired two mortars and opened fired three times at the community.

In addition, Palestinian terrorists fired a Qassam rocket at an Israeli community in the northern Gaza Strip. No injuries or damage were reported.


An IDF soldier was lightly wounded by an anti-tank missile fired at IDF forces along the Israel-Egypt border, near Rafah. The soldier received first aid treatment on the scene.


-Terrorists fired at civilians working in the community of Morag (southern Gaza Strip), lightly-to-moderately wounding a foreign worker. The foreign worker received first aid on the scene, and was transported to a hospital for further medical treatment.

-Terrorists fired at IDF forces near the perimeter fence in the central Gaza Strip. No injuries or damage were reported. IDF forces identified a cell of armed terrorists approaching the security fence, opened fire, and identified a hit.

-Terrorists detonated an explosive device towards an IDF tank along the security fence south of Nahal Oz (northern Gaza Strip). The soldier received first aid treatment on the scene and was transported to a hospital for further medical treatment.

The West Bank and Jordan Valley

Detailed Description of Security Events & Activities

During the past week, IDF forces arrested over 80 wanted Palestinians in the West Bank and Jordan Valley. In addition, 9 instances of terrorist gunfire were reported and four explosive devices were detonated towards IDF forces.


-As part of easing restrictions for the Palestinian population, IDF forces lifted the encirclement of most Palestinian cities in the West Bank, and removed the Ein Arik roadblock near Ramallah, allowing transportation between Ramallah and dozens of nearby villages.

-During a joint operation carried out by the IDF and Israeli Security Agency (ISA) in Jenin, IDF forces arrested Amjad Ahmad Abidi (head of the Islamic Jihad infrastructure of Jenin).

During the operation, fire was directed at IDF forces. IDF forces returned fire – killing the gunman, Muhammed Sharma, who was responsible for carrying out a number of shooting attacks in the area.


During ongoing operational activity in the city of Jenin, and following the arrest of Amj’ad Ahmad Abidi, (the head of the Islamic Jihad terrorist infrastructure in Jenin), IDF forces uncovered an explosives laboratory in the Jenin refugee camp.

Searches carried out by IDF forces in the lab turned up five barrels of explosives material, two explosive belts ready for use, and a significant amount of explosives and other weaponry.

The above-mentioned material was detonated in a controlled explosion by IDF sappers.

During IDF activity, a number of disturbances developed. Gunfire was directed numerous times at IDF forces and molotov cocktails were hurled.

In addition, a Hamas operative climbed on to an IDF armored vehicle intending to harm IDF soldiers and steal their weapons – and they opened fire, killing the operative.

No injuries to IDF forces were reported.


IDF forces conducting operational activity uncovered 13 Kalashnikov rifles and dozens of ammunition cartridges hidden under the ground surrounding the Janad Palestinian jailhouse (Nablus).