Women of Netivot Support the IDF

Photo: IDF (Zahal) Spokesperson
Date: 14/01/2009, 12:58 PM     Author: Tal Moise

Equipped with everything – beverages and lots of love – women from Netivot arrived on Tuesday (Jan 13) to the military base Tze’elim, located in southern Israel, in order to bring some happiness to combat soldiers from Brigade 188 of the Armored Corps. They danced, sang, ate together, and they warmed each other’s hearts.

Officer Brig. Gen. Eli Shermaster head of the Education and Youth Corps and the Chief of Staff’s advisor on women’s issues, Brig. Gen. Yehudit Grisru, also joined the gathering. “The activities of the Education and Youth Corps focus on three subjects” explained Brig. Gen Shermaster to the IDF (Zahal) Website. “The first is to strengthen the morale of the soldiers during the war. The second to provide educational activities to civilians that include diverse activities with soldiers in the shelters, hospitals and other educational institutions. The third area of focus is the IDF (Zahal) media that include Galei Tzahal and Machane”.

Furthermore Brig. Gen Shermaster added, “Today’s event is a connection between two peoples. Woman from Netivot came to strengthen the soldiers that bring quiet to Netivot. This is solid proof of the connection between civilians and the military. Here we find a deep desire to support the IDF (Zahal) in completing its mission.”

“It’s strange to go back to the army so fast, everything that is going on here makes me think of home. I’m already used to it since I was only released one month and a half ago” Said Staff Sergeant Nimrod Brenner a combat soldier in one of the company’s of Brigade 188 with a smile on his face. “We came here today to see the soldiers not only through television”, added Alisa Abuksis and Brit Amir from Netivot. “We brought both respect and food to the soldiers. We want the soldiers here to feel that civilians are with them, to strengthen them and take care of them. We came to be with them, and that makes them and us feel good in the heart.”