“You are the beating heart of Israel”

Archive Photo: Technological and Logistics Directorate

The Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya summoned all student reservists for a special evening dedicated to them. President of the IDC, Prof. Uriel Reichman praised their contribution in the reserve forces.

Date: 03/05/2010, 7:38 PM     Author: Rotem Caro Weizman

An academic study is a challenging pursuit for all students. Even more so for those who cut their studies short to leave for IDF (Zahal) reserve duty, despite the desire to succeed in school. To honor those students, the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) organized a special evening dedicated to them.

The event included a musical performance, a standup comedian and various food stalls throughout the campus. “It is not easy for students to stop their studies and serve actively in the IDF (Zahal). It hurts their studies, and my job is to reduce this harm,” explained Yona Moran, the Reserves Coordinator of the IDC Student Association. “Today we want to show students that we are with them all the way.”

According to Jonathan Davis, head of the International School at the IDC, “We started these evenings during the Second Lebanon War, when many students and staff served actively. We had a feeling on campus that we need to thank them for the work they do for their country where security continues to be a challenge.”

Founder and President of the IDC, Prof. Uriel Reichman said that, “the members of the reserve forces bring with them four important things: adhering to the mission until the end, leadership, personal integrity and above all a unique system of values. These are people who not only serve their own personal interest but serve a greater purpose. This group of people comprises the future leaders of this country and it’s the objective of the IDC to train them.” Professor Reichman then turned to the student reservists and said, “You are the beating heart of Israeli Society.”

Reserve soldiers are more mature and more reasonable

Lior Reshef Deri, chairman of the Student Union, said that he feels that the reservists show an exceptional combination of both academic excellence and service in the IDF (Zahal). “The IDF (Zahal) would not be able to complete missions were it not for the reserve forces” he said. “The army today must exist in a complex humanistic reality, and the reserve forces are more mature and reasonable forces that are capable of dealing with human dilemmas presented in a better way.”

Among those present in the evening was the previous head of the Personnel Directorate Maj. Gen. Yoram Yair, who addressed those present and said, “My grandmother told me that every time you receive something, you depend on those who gave to you. Whoever gives is kind and therefore it is always better to be on the side that is giving. The right to give is greater than the right to receive, so don’t waive that right. There is nothing more satisfying. “