​Senator Graham’s legislative initiative will help establish and define an international moral line that will prevent granting the tiniest amount of legitimacy to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

 FM Liberman meets with U.S. Senator Graham


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(Communicated by FM Liberman’s Media Advisor)
Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman met today (Sunday 28 December 2014) in Jerusalem with Senator Lindsay Graham (R-South Carolina). At the meeting, FM Liberman thanked Senator Graham for his longstanding friendship and his significant and consistent contribution to the U.S. – Israel relationship. Senator Graham said that the United States stands with Israel against the strategic threats it faces and will continue to do so.
FM Liberman congratulated Senator Graham on his and Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-New York) legislative initiative designed to impose sanctions on bodies and states that provide assistance to the Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
FM Liberman stated that actions of the type promoted by Senator Graham are of utmost importance in establishing and defining an international moral line that clearly shows that there is no reason for democratic states to offer any discounts or grant even the tiniest amount of legitimacy to organizations such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, terrorist groups of the most vile type whose goal is to murder women and children in Israel while hiding behind women and children in Gaza.