​The IDF photos clearly prove Iran’s attempt to hide its involvement, but the evidence is clear. With its weapons exposed to the world, Iran can no longer deny its intentions to terrorize Israeli civilians.

 IDF releases photos of Iranian weapon shipment


Copyright: IDF

(Communicated by the IDF)
“We have solid information that proves Iran’s relationship with the shipment,” a senior IDF Intelligence officer said Monday. He spoke after a combined IDF task force from various units inspected the Klos-C and unloaded the Iranian weapons shipment concealed aboard the ship. “Firstly, the containers were sealed in Iran, and they have Iranian authenticity seals on them, including seals of the Iranian postal company. The cement bags that were used to hide the weapons were clearly marked as coming from Iran,” he said.
The shipment contained 181 heavy mortars, 400,000 bullets, and dozens of M-302 rockets that have the capability to strike almost anywhere in Israel.
 IDF releases photos of Iranian weapon shipment

Heavy mortars seized on the Klos-C. Photo: IDF

“In the cargo hold of the ship you can see that 100 out of 150 of the containers were transferred from Iran to Iraq,” the Intelligence officer said. “There they added additional containers, and changed the loading form in order to make it look like the entire shipment came from Iraq. This can be cross-referenced with the documents that we discovered on the ship. Generally speaking, Iran was trying to hide its involvement in any form.” 
The shipment would have equipped Gaza terrorist organizations with strike capabilities far exceeding those they currently hold. “We’re talking about weapons that are out of the ordinary; different from previous smuggling attempts. These warheads are far larger than other rockets [currently present in] Gaza. Take the rocket from Operation Pillar of Defense that hit a home in Rishon Lezion. That rocket destroyed one floor. This warhead would have destroyed the entire building.”
 IDF releases photos of Iranian weapon shipment

Bags of Iranian cement used to conceal the weapon shipment. Photo: IDF