The general strike, which was declared on March 23, 2014, has ended. The Ministry in Jerusalem and all missions abroad will open as of Thursday morning, April 3.

 Labor dispute at the MFA


As of Tuesday, March 4, 2014, Israel’s diplomats will no longer engage with foreign representatives, take care of official visits of any kind, either in Israel or overseas, issue visas or provide any consular services. Requests for special dispensation should be sent by e-mail to

This is just part of an extended list of organizational measures which will take effect immediately, after the Ministry of Finance caused the failure of a seven-month mediation process led by the former Chief Justice of the Labor Court.

It may seem unusual for the diplomatic service of a country to become engaged in a labor dispute. Out of our deep commitment to presenting Israel’s interests abroad, Israel’s international standing and national security, we, the Israeli diplomats, insist that our reasonable demands be met.

There will be no updates on this channel until further notice. Regular updates will resume upon a satisfactory resolution of the dispute.