The Israeli Navy exposed a shipment of missiles which was making its way to the Gaza Strip.

 Missile shipment from Iran to Gaza intercepted


Copyright: IDF Spokesperson

(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Earlier today (5 March 2014), the Israeli Navy exposed a shipment of missiles which was making its way to the Gaza Strip.

The Navy boarded and searched the "KLOS C" vessel, in accordance with international law and with the consent of relevant authorities. The state under whose flag the vessel was sailing as well as the countries of crew members were duly informed.

The ship, which was navigating in the Red Sea, flies the flag of Panama, and is operated by a company registered in the Marshall Islands. The missiles and weapons found on the ship were loaded and concealed by Iran, without the knowledge of either the crew or the operating company. The weapons were intended for Palestinian terror groups in Gaza, to be used to harm Israeli civilians, as they have done in the past.

The ship’s cargo included:

  • 40 M-302 surface to surface rockets manufactured in Syria, with a range of 90-200 km
  • 181 122mm mortar shells
  • 400,000 rounds of assault rifle ammunition

 Missile shipment from Iran to Gaza intercepted

Crates of weapons concealed under bags of cement
Copyright: IDF Spokesperson

Thus, Iran repeatedly violates Security Council resolutions 1747 and 1929, which forbid it to export any kind of military material. By smuggling weapons to the Gaza Strip it violates Security Council resolutions 1373 and 1860.

Iran continues to endanger international navigation routes and brazenly violates a number of Security Council resolutions with the aim of destabilizing the region and disseminating terror and war.

Smuggling is carried out by the “Quds Force”, which is part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. This is a state branch operating under the authority and clearance of the Iranian government, led by Iranian President Rouhani.

Israel will lodge a formal complaint with the Security Council and with the sanctions committee, established under Security Council resolution 1737.

The ship’s crew is safe and sound.