​Eight cadets are participating in the MFA’s new training course, which started last night at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem.  As in previous training courses, the current course is also characterized by gender equality.

 New MFA cadet training course begins in Jerusalem


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(Communicated by the MFA Spokesperson)
The 31st Ministry of Foreign Affairs cadet-training course opened recently in Jerusalem.
Course participants include two lawyers, a political analyst, a journalist, a sports agent and a cello player. One of the participants cadets is the grandson of Ehud Avriel, one of the founders of the MFA and one of the country’s first ambassadors. The average age of the participants is 30.75, and two of the participants are parents.
The cadet course is the public sector’s "pilot training course." The cadets are expected to withstand a difficult selection process that only a few complete successfully.  The course represents the gateway to Israel’s foreign service, and aims to prepare the cadets for all the tasks required of an Israeli diplomat, including statesmanship, strategic thinking, negotiation, advocacy and communication, global economy, entrepreneurship and Israeli innovation – and, of course, courtesy and manners.
The current cadets course was initiated at a time when Israel faces many challenges in the international arena. In light of regional turmoil and political changes taking place in all over the world, course participants must be prepared for postings on the diplomatic front this summer. On their first posting, most young diplomats are sent to difficult stations in which both representation of Israel and the lifestyle are particularly challenging.