​New ambassadors from the Czech Republic, Peru, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea today presented their Letters of Credence to President Reuven Rivlin at a formal ceremony at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem

 President Rivlin receives credentials of new ambassadors


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(Communicated by the Office of the President)
New ambassadors from the Czech Republic, Peru, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea today (Thursday, 4 December 2014) presented their Letters of Credence to President Reuven Rivlin at a formal ceremony at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem.
During their meeting with the president, the ambassadors expressed their hope of strengthening relations and expanding cooperation between the two countries.
Ambassador Ivo Schwarz of the Czech Republic presented his credentials, thanked the President and said, "It is an honor for me to represent my country here in Israel. The collaborative relationship between our governments is good and progressive, and includes fruitful cooperation in the areas of security and the struggle against terrorism. It will be my pleasure to strengthen the cultural and tourism relations between the citizens of our countries."
President Rivlin greeted him warmly and said: "We are deeply appreciative of the Czech people and their government; you have set an example for us. We hope that you will feel that Israel is your home."
Ambassador Gustavo Antonio Otero Zapata of Peru presented his credentials to President Rivlin and said: "I have worked in Israel on previous postings, and feel that I am returning home. I would like to continue to promote the bilateral relationship between our two nations. We thank you for both your assistance and for the Israeli investments in Peru, such as the development of water technology that has made a significant contribution."
President Rivlin praised the good bilateral relationship between the two countries and said: "I have visited Peru, and have seen that both our nations share a common value, that of the deep roots of a people to its homeland."
Ambassador Doulat Kuanyshev of Kazakhstan presented his credentials and said: "It is an honor for me to be here. The warmth I feel reminds me of home. I would like to convey warm greetings on behalf of the president of Kazakhstan, who feels a close connection to your country and to Jerusalem. We are committed to continue to encourage tolerance between different ethnic groups, and I know, Mr. President, that this is an issue dear to your heart."
President Rivlin replied: "The relationship between Israel and the Kazakh people is evidence that the conflict in our region is not related to religious beliefs. Our relationship serves as an example that despite the differences between us, cooperation can prevail. We are deeply appreciative of your president; I know he does a lot, regardless of religion. He is known as an international leader who actively works to create understanding and tolerance."
Korean Ambassador Lee Gun-tae presented his credentials to the president and said:  "I hope to expand the existing technological cooperation between our nations.  One of my wishes is to augment the awareness of Koreans visiting Israel, as they tend to focus mainly on the history of Israel, and expose them to Israel’s advanced high-tech industries."
President Rivlin responded to the Korean ambassador and said: "I believe that during your service here we will find additional avenues of cooperation. The rapid development of Korea and the manner in which the Korean people produce miracles proves to the world that it is possible to cope with adversity while at the same time developing the country,  education and quality of life."