In the wake of the statement by the Prime Minister of Sweden that his government will recognize a Palestinian state, the Swedish ambassador to Israel will be summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem.

 Swedish ambassador to be summoned to Foreign Ministry


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(Communicated by the Foreign Minister’s Bureau)

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said that he regrets that the new prime minister was quick to issue statements regarding the position of Sweden on recognition of a Palestinian state. He apparently has not yet had sufficient time to study the matter and to understand that it is the Palestinians who have for the past 20 years been an obstacle to reaching an agreement with Israel.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven must understand that no declaration and no measure by an external party can serve as a substitute for direct negotiations between the parties and a solution that will be part of an overall arrangement between Israel and the entire Arab world. If what concerns the Prime Minister of Sweden in his inaugural address is the situation in the Middle East, he would better focus on the more urgent problems in the region, such as the daily mass murder taking place in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere in the region.