October 26, 2007 marks the 13th anniversary of the signing of the Israel-Jordan peace treaty.

 13 years of peace between Israel and Jordan


Photo: GPO

October 26, 2007 marks 13 years since the signing of the peace treaty between the State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The treaty signed in 1994 signaled a new era of peaceful relations for both countries based on fruitful cooperation in many fields. These special relations are a cornerstone for peace and stability of the entire region and serve as an example for the development of Israel’s relations with the broader Arab world.

The economic ties with Jordan have great potential. Israel is proud of the Israel-Jordan Chamber of Commerce that has become the "hot spot" for companies wishing to promote bilateral commercial cooperation. Yet the authorities must play a more supportive role in reducing bureaucratic hurdles to commercial cooperation while the initiative remains in the hands of the private sector. The QIZ (Qualifying Industrial Zones) agreement can be a successful model for expanding economic relations to other spheres as well, such as transportation, tourism and agriculture. Israeli exports to Jordan are growing – in the year 2006 exports reached $136 million. At the same time, Jordanian exports to Israel reached $38.2 million and as of July 2007 they stand at $18.9 million.

The peace agreement gives Jordan open and direct access to the Mediterranean Sea, which is used for the Kingdom’s external and transit trade. The enormous growth in activity at the Jordan River border crossing illustrates the essential nature and the enormous contribution of Israel’s ports to Jordan’s trade and economy.

Jordan has since become a priority country for the MASHAV Center for International Cooperation at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which strives to promote development cooperation and improve the quality of life on both sides of the border. Since 1994, 650 Jordanian professionals have participated in courses held in Israel in the fields of agriculture, environment, economic development, medicine and public health, science and technology, and administration and education.

The State of Israel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are committed to promote relations with Jordan and to establish a more prosperous future for our people and for the Middle East as a whole.