August 1, 1994



At a meeting that took place on Monday, August 1, 1994, at the Notre Dame Hotel in Jerusalem, teams of negotiators met to discuss the implementation of the economic accord between Israel and the Palestinians (signed in Paris in May). The meeting followed an earlier meeting held last week in Jericho between Finance Minister Avraham Shochat and Abu-Ala, who is responsible for the Palestinian economy.

At the start of the meeting, David Brodet, acting head of the Israeli delegation, met privately with Dr. Amin Haddad, acting head of the Palestinian team.

Four sub-committees on trade, labor, taxation and agriculture convened toward implementing the economic agreement.

At the start of the discussions, Brodet said that these teams would meet often and continuously, in order to ensure the proper execution of the agreement. Brodet added that these meetings would become routine.

After the three-hour session, it was reported that the atmosphere at the discussions had been positive and productive. Further, it was said that some matters would be investigated by the proper economic authorities in the wake of questions raised by the Palestinians.

The sub-committee dealing with trade issues discussed the implementation of procedures governing the transfer of goods and the granting of licenses

in accordance with the principles laid out in the Paris agreement.

The taxation sub-committee discussed on financial matters related to the implementation of the economic accord, while seeking to improve existing procedures along the lines of the examples presented by the teams.

The agriculture sub-committee discussed various issues relating to the import of seeds, and to the movement of produce into Israel.

The sub-committee on labor issues continued its discussion on topics associated with the entry of workers.

The discussions are to continue next week; the exact place, time, and agenda will be announced later. Subjects scheduled for discussion next week include insurance, trade and taxation issues.