(Communicated by Israeli security sources)

In a joint IDF and ISA activity on Friday night, June 1, 2007, the IDF carried out an aerial attack on the vehicle of Fadi Abdel Kader Sliyan Abu Mustafa, a 22-year-old Islamic Jihad terrorist. Fadi Abu Mustafa, resident of Khan Yunis, was involved in terrorist activity against Israel since 2003. Between the years 2004-2005, Fadi Abu Mustafa functioned as the head of the Islamic Jihad in the region of Khan Yunis. He was involved in dozens of shooting attacks, planting of explosive devices and additional attacks. During 2003 he was involved in recruiting and directing Arab-Israeli cells, which acted on behalf of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization. Furthermore, Fadi Abu Mustafa was involved in the recruitment of terrorists inside Israel during 2006.

In June 2005, Fadi Abu Mustafa was involved in sending a suicide bomber into one of the Israeli communities in Gush Katif. The suicide bombing was thwarted with the arrest of the bomber.

During 2006, he was involved in planning terrorist attacks against Israeli communities along the Israeli-Gaza border and in planning attacks against Israeli security forces along the security fence on the border.

Fadi Abu Mustafa was recently involved in carrying out several terror attacks. He was also involved in training suicide bombers for attacking Israeli civilians near the security fence between Israel and the Gaza Strip as well as attacks on Israeli security forces.