The Deputy Minister of Health has reached an agreement with the Labor Federation to end the strike at the holocaust survivor hostels. ​
The Deputy Minister of Health, MP Rabbi Jacob Litzman, has reached agreement with the Chairman of the Professional Guild in the Labor Federation, Attorney Avi Nissan Koren, ending the workers’ strike at the Holocaust Survivor Hostels with immediate effect.

According to the agreement, the tender for the Holocaust Survivor Hostels will be postponed for a month and a half to allow for an in-depth evaluation of the Prime Minister’s request to add the hostel workers to the government payroll as government employees.

The Deputy Minister of Health said : “It is through our commitment to provide for the needs of the Holocaust survivors and out of concern for their well-being, and following the Prime Minister’s request and in coordination with the Labor Federation that we have reached an agreement to end the strike at the hostels and to postpone the tender for an agreed period”.