(Communicated by Israeli security sources)

In a joint operation of the Israel Security Agency, Israeli police and the IDF in Jenin, three Fatah terrorists were killed. Among the Fatah operatives was Kamal Abbdullah Tubasi, 29, from Jenin who was involved in the planning and carrying out of suicide bombings in Israel. Tubasi’s aide, Said Ahmed Muhamad Hardan, 30, from Jenin was also killed.

Tubasi, a Fatah operative from Jenin, previously served in the Palestinian security apparatus. Tubasi was involved in the suicide bombing at a shopping centre in Afula on 19 May 2003, in which a female suicide bomber killed three Israeli civilians.  Tubasi personally recruited Hiva Dragma, the female suicide bomber, to carry out the terror attack. In addition he was involved in directing the suicide bomber to her target and supervising the execution of the attack. 

Tubasi was also involved in planning a joint suicide attack by all three major terror organizations in Jenin – Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Tanzim – at the end of June 2003. The terror attack was thwarted by Israeli security forces when the terrorists were arrested at Baka El Garbiya in possession of bags laden with explosives destined to Israel. Tubasi was also trading weapons and means for manufacturing explosive devices in order to carry out terror attacks in Israel. Recently he was involved in the direction and planning of a suicide bombing in Israel.