Knesset Speaker Rubi Rivlin remarked, while standing for Israel`s declaration of allegiance that ”with the passing of Knesset Member and former minister Gideon Ezra, MK Akram Hasoon, may he live long, will take his place. Hasoon is the sixth MK from the Druze community in the Knesset.”

Hasoon said: ”I want to praise everyone who supported me, from every community, the heads of the Dalit El Carmel and Bukata regions, and soldiers. My happiness is bittersweet, due to the loss of a very precious friend. Ezra was a family friend and supported me in every public position I held. A man who spoke eye-to-eye, who respected everyone, believed in co-existence and who lived in co-existence. I began to enter politics when I was 18 and was the first mayor to leave the Likud because I could not tolerate extremism. I love being in the middle and contributing to everyone. I have supported Shaul Mofaz for seven years and believe in him.

I always believed that politics was about culture and education. I did not take the job for the prestige, but in order to sacrifice.

I entered on the stormy day when the Tal Law and it is important to stress that there is a community which carries a great burden for the security of the state. After 64 years, can they really be discussing the subject of `burden` when our children are without electricity? I hope this will change.”