The Pharmacology Department of the Ministry of Health has asked physicians to be alert for a connection between the Incretin class of drugs and pancreatitis, and to report any complications. ​

The American (FDA) and European (EMA) health authorities have for some time been monitoring the possible connection between the Incretin class of drugs (Victoza, Byetta, Januvia, Januet, Galvus, Eucreas, Onglyza) and pancreatitis.
The Ministry of Health and the National Diabetes Council wish to increase physicians’ awareness of side-effects of medications belonging to the Incretin class of drugs.
On analysis of the level of reporting of side-effects of this class of drugs received by us from physicians, the level of reporting was found to be lower than expected.
In view of the above, we request the medical community to be alert to this issue, and to report side-effects that occur during the use of these medications, including pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer.
  • Reports may be lodged via an on-line form (Hebrew).
The Ministry of Health is continuing to monitor reports in Israel and overseas, and will make an announcement in case there is any change to the guidelines for the administration of this medication.