As indicated in a survey of the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) cited in the report, many Jews in Europe are being forced to change their way of life in fear of an anti-Semitic attack. The State of Israel cannot let itself be reconciled to this reality.

 Anti-Semitism in 2013: Trends and Events


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The Ministry for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs has published its annual report on the subject of Anti-Semitism in 2013: Trends and Events.

Summary of Report

The year 2013 was complex as far as anti-Semitism is concerned, especially in light of the mounting of troubling reports coming from all over the world, particularly Europe, of anti-Semitic incidents and expressions.

This accretion of reports has created a general feeling among Jews – individuals and communities – that the anti-Jewish climate in Europe is gradeually getting worse. One of the most prominent examples of this trend is in France. At a celebration marking 70 years since the founding of the CRIF, the central council of French Jews, Roger Cukierman, the council president, said that the Jews of France live in a bad climate, and that what is happening in their country is insulting and hurtful to them.

At the center of the following report on trends and incidents will be the conclusion that the trend, as felt by the Jews, of rising and worsening anti-Semitism, stems mainly from the severity of the verbal and graphic expressions, the insults, the harassment, and the threats encountered by Jews in their everyday lives, which create a gradually more oppressive atmosphere, and not necessarily from a rise in the number of violent events.

This conclusion gains credence in light of a survey conducted by the European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA).

 Anti-Semitism in 2013: Trends and Events

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