​In a meeting held in the offices of the Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office, attended by the Deputy Minister of Health, the Director General of the Ministry of Health and senior ministry officials, it was finally agreed to activate the pilot to re-introduce magnesium into desalinated drinking water. 
The pilot, an initiative of Deputy Minister of Health Yaakov Litzman, will evaluate the feasibility and cost of reintroducing magnesium into desalinated drinking water. The pilot will be monitored by an interoffice team, lead by a representative of the Ministry of Health. The team will define how the pilot will be executed, including its location and duration.   of Health Litzman: “Magnesium in drinking water is an important step forward for public health. I am confident that the pilot will prove that it is possible, and the end-result will be that a decision will be made that magnesium will be reintroduced into desalinated drinking water across Israel.”