The Knesset Plenum approved the Ethiopian Jewry Heritage Center Bill proposed by MK Zevulun Orlev and other MKs in Second and Third Readings.

The Bill which was approved determines that a Center for research and preservation an institution, library and archive which will gather all the research and information into one site from the whole world, including genealogy and documentation and will hold academic conferences, host research groups and seminaries. As part of the bill that was passed the Minister who will be appointed to oversee the center will appoint a board of directors of which at least a third will be of Ethiopian descent. The Board in addition to overseeing the center’s activities will also appoint a scientific committee.

In a debate meant to prepare the Bill for the Second and Third Readings which took place in the Committee for Immigration Absorption and Diaspora Affairs, the Chairman of the Committee MK Danny Danon said” Today we have moved another important step forward towards the integration of the Ethiopian immigrant community, it is imperative that we bequeath to the Israeli society this heritage, our society will be richer after adopting customs from this extraordinary community”.

MK Orlev who initiated the Bill added “The Bill does justice with the Ethiopian community and allows them to show their magnificent journey to the land of Israel while keeping their Jewish tradition in diaspora for hundreds of years. The new law will help them keep their cultural identity and allow the familiarizing of all citizens of the country with their heritage” MK Shlomo (Neguse) Molla noted “It is important to document and investigate the community’s heritage, especially since most of it was passed down orally from father to son by the community’s spiritual leaders”.

10 MKs voted in favor in the Second Reading without any opposition.

9 MKs voted in favor in the Third Reading without any opposition.